Monday, May 22, 2006

Learning to trade the EUR/USD

The next six trades I will summarize as one as the are all related. I entered into an initial long position the EUR/USD of 5 lots at 1.2733 20 minutes latter I bought another 5 lots for 1.2736 then three minutes latter I bought two lots at 1.2723 then a minute latter I bought 1 more lot this time for 1.2720 finally ten minutes latter I bought three more lots at 1.2706. Now I have the sum total of 16 lots invested or 1.6 Million USD. Why so many lots you ask? I had extremely strong buy signals backed up by fundamentals. Below shows you the chart:
EUR/USD 1 MillionI scaled out of my positions at the following levels:
  1. 10 lots at 1.2745 or 21 pips
  2. 3 lots at 1.2739 or 51 pips
  3. 3 lots at 1.2730 or 24 pips
This trade ended well with a profit of USD $2280. Looking back at this trade now I think that my risk level was fairly large. My money management is something I need to think about.

The Short EUR/USD
I have included this next trade as it is related to my block of trades above. After exiting my long positions on the EUR/USD I shorted 10 lots at 1.2759 with a take profit 1.2745. This was a short time scalp taking advantage of the volatility. As can be seen in the chart below:
EUR/USD ShortThis trade made a quick 14 pips or USD$1400. The EUR/USD is a very volatile pair. I think I will stick to the AUD/USD for a while longer. So far my current P/L is at USD$4350.

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